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The omnichain fair launchpad and cross-chain Infrastructure.
GoWrap provides financing, cross-chain asset management, and incubation services for promising Web3 projects.
Launch dAPP
Trade BRC20 token easier, faster & cheaper.
Earn trading fees, and benefit from more DEFI platforms.
BEP20 tokens are 1:1 pegged to BRC20 tokens transparently.
GoWrap's Launchpad uniquely supports omnichain projects, including Bitcoin Layer2, Blast, TON, Zetachain, Arbitrum, and Solana. Users can utilize a variety of assets for fundraising.
It enables joint issuances of multiple on-chain assets, such as 50% BRC20 and 50% ERC20, catering to diverse investor groups and expanding the reach.
Tailored Cross-chain Service
GoWrap supports cross-chain asset transfers using the GoWrap Bridge for various on-chain assets. For example, if a project's native token is on the TON contract, GoWrap can assist in cross-chain bridging to an ERC20 token.
Modular DeFi Applications
GoWrap is set to launch a range of DeFi applications, including Staking, Lending, Swap, Yield, and more, offering individual or combined DeFi services for B2B project partners. With a focus on Bitcoin Layer2, GoWrap aims to build a comprehensive modular DeFi infrastructure, connecting B2B and B2C users within the ecosystem.
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